For your convenience, we offer several ways for you to make your monetary donation:

Donate Online using PayPal


Or you may make your check payable to The Humane Society of the Desert, and mail your donation to:

The Humane Society of the Desert
P.O. Box 2922
Palm Springs, Ca. 92262

Credit Cards

Or by making a donation with your credit card over the phone: 760-329-0203

Donations: Bequests & Endowment Gifts

For over 50 years, the Humane Society of the Desert, has worked to lessen the suffering of animals in the Coachella Valley. If you are interested in helping us continue our valuable work, currently or in the years to come, you can make a lasting contribution through the following vehicles:

    What happens to your pet(s) when you become incapacitated or pass away? For a bequest of $5,000 per pet through your Trust or Will, OPO will take your healthy, adoptable dog or cat into our shelter or approved foster home until a suitable adoption can be arranged with a loving family.
    All gifts to OPO qualify you to an income tax deduction, both state and federal, for the fair market value of the gift and provide OPO necessary current operating funds.
  • WILL
    A gift through a Will goes through the Superior Probate Court and takes about a year before OPO receives the gift, and because OPO is a tax-exempt charity, the gift is not subject to inheritance taxes.
    A gift through a Trust allows OPO to receive your gift immediately upon your death, and because OPO is a tax-exempt charity, the gift is not subject to inheritance taxes.
    This concept allows an individual to transfer an asset to OPO and (1) not pay capital gains taxes, (2) receive lifetime income from the gift, and (3) realize an income tax deduction. The asset (Real Estate or Stock) would be gifted to OPO rather than sold, and the gift would be made at full market value and become irrevocable. OPO would then sell the asset and purchase an annuity based on the asset value providing a lifetime income to the donor and upon death of the donor the principal of the annuity would revert to OPO.
    For more information, call 760-329-0203, or email us at