Education Programs

Education Programs at the Humane Society of the Desert

Join us for educational, enriching experiences with the Humane Society of the Desert. The love of animals is cultivated at an early age. Pet ownership teaches children compassion, accountability and responsibility. Our programs are designed for an age appropriate experience with hands-on student participation. If you're unable to come out to the Humane Society of the Desert, we provide an in-school educational program. For more information or to schedule your class, please call Malinda Bustos at (760) 329-0230.

A Day With the Dogs

Our "Day with the Dogs" program is customized to the age of your students. Classrooms are divided into small groups to work with an the Humane Society of the Desert animal specialist. Your visit to the Humane Society of the Desert includes a facility tour, one-on-one work with the dogs, and information about animals, pet ownership and general personality traits of the dogs. The outing concludes with a visit to the Cat Rescue Center and cookies and lemonade.

Sponsor an Animal

Our "Sponsor an Animal" program is designed to match an animal to the class. Either at our facility or in your classroom, students are introduced to the animal (dog or cat) that the class is adopting. Your students will be provided with a donation collection jar, a photo of your animal and its basic information. On a monthly basis, your animal will communicate with the students to inform them about its growth, health, and how their contributions are enriching its life. It's an excellent way to support our facility, while teaching students the financial responsibility associated with pet ownership.

Driving Miss Doggie

Our "Driving Miss Doggie" program bring one of our beautiful animals to your classroom. The animal specialist will speak to the class about the proper care of dog, how to select the pet which best matches your family and basic dog training techniques. Students will take turns walking the dog, giving basic commands, and spend some time playing with him. This 50-minute program introduces students to basic pet ownership and responsibilities